Why AthElite Nutrition?

Why AthElite Nutrition?

When Sean Sullivan was in his early twenties and looking to bulk up, he took at least a dozen different supplements a day. Whatever was right in front of him on the shelf or going cheap would surely do the trick, he reasoned.

However, after pursuing a Bachelors in Biology and seven years of working at Bodybuilding.com, the world’s biggest fitness website, Sean realized how wrong he had been. He understood how vital it is for athletes to be fully educated and aware of the science behind the products they take.

Accordingly, he narrowed his own dosage to just a handful of products a day and began to dream of launching his own supplement brand to implement the expertise he had acquired through his immersion in the fitness industry.

Enter AthElite Nutrition, a direct-to-consumer premium sports supplement line whose formulations are scientifically designed, university studied and third party tested for safety and efficacy, aimed toward maximizing athletes' physical performance and recovery.

AthElite Nutrition was created to offer athletes a premium suite of products that are guaranteed to perform as well as they promise. Sean launched the company with Chief Operations Officer, Michael McCabe, a former senior-level executive at Bodybuilding.com; and the head of AthElite’s Scientific Advisory Board, Dr. Darryn Willoughby, a Professor of Exercise and Nutrition Biochemistry and Molecular Physiology at Baylor University.

AthElite has launched their flagship product of their Performance and Recovery Matrix, TRAIN. This pre-workout solution, made from the highest quality ingredients, is formulated to enhance focus, strength, and endurance in the gym.

To come, is a pre-competition formula; an intra-workout formula which can be taken throughout the day as well as during training so you can continue to get the benefits of the ingredients; and also a post-workout formula to aid recovery. All will be free from artificial flavors, sweeteners and proprietary blends.

One of the reasons AthElite Nutrition stands out from other sport supplement companies is their commitment to safety. We are all moving towards healthier eating and clean foods these days, and the same goes for supplements. Consequently, AthElite are going the extra miles with their processes in order to be the pioneers of change in the industry by bringing transparency and trust to consumers.

Whereas other companies see a university study as the final stage of creating a product, AthElite considers this just the beginning. They study the science and proper dosages to make sure ingredients are enhancing one another rather than cancelling each other out. They also devise the whole formula, rather than the individual elements, before scrutinizing it in detail.

Thanks to the AthElite Nutrition Research Grant, they have partnered with the International Society of Sports Nutrition to scientifically test and study the formulations at a university level. As a result, AthElite have the brightest minds in the world working on their products: to create the best, you have to have the best players involved.
To further customer protection, AthElite regulate quality control and safety standards beyond current industry practices with Supplement Safety Solutions’ Nutravigilance program, which brings scrupulous control processes from the pharmaceutical manufacturing world to nutritional supplement production.

AthElite’s products are Informed Choice & Informed Sport certified free from banned substances, as required by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

After all, if it’s good enough for Olympians, the most elite athletes in the world, it’s good enough for anyone.


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