The Informed Sport Seal

The Informed Sport Seal

At AthElite Nutrition we're committed to providing honest supplements that uphold the quality standards we strive for. Because of this, transparency is at the top of our priority list. Our goal is to partner with those who display the same integrity we're proud to exhibit and Informed Sport is one of those key players.

Competitive athletes know all too well the importance of honesty in product labeling. One wrong popped pill could lead to a positive drug test without intention of ever crossing that line. Informed Sport is your go-to spot to check and re-check certifications for your favorite sports supplement products to ensure they contain zero banned substances reducing your risk of contamination or falling victim to false claims. All of AthElite products are clean because Informed Sport is doing that for us.

With so many unknowns on product shelves and floating around the web, we're proud to be the supplement company you can trust and your destination for pure, quality sports nutrition products that will maximize your performance, accelerate recovery, and 100% Backed by scientific research. It's easy to have confidence in your sports nutrition products when you know what's in them - and that's why you can trust AthElite Nutrition - just look for the Informed Sport seal of approval.


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